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LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs

LED lifespan scenarios:

-         50,000 hours powered 4 hours/day  = 34 year lifespan

-         50,000 hours powered 8 hours/day  = 17 year lifespan

-         50,000 hours powered 24 hours/day = 6 year lifespan


Improved safety may be LED's most important benefit

LED lights generate virtually no heat therefore they are cool to the touch and can be left on for hours without incident or consequence if touched. LED's produce 3.4 btu's/hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs. In comparison, incandescent lighting expels 90% of the energy it consumes via heat, making the bulbs hot to the touch. LEDs reduce the potential for safety risks such as burns and fires.

Range of LED's
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