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ECO Electrical installs the latest generation of prepaid meters/hardware in and around Gaunteng area, giving our clients the competitive advantage of cost saving


Body Corporates


The prepaid meter installation can be done in both existing buildings and new buildings. The prepaid submeters are installed before the supply reaches the distribution board of the property.

 - The council bulk meter will supply the prepaid meters in each of the units

 - In existing buildings, where submeters are already present, they can be either left or removed

Sectional Title Properties

Property Managers

Apartments, Houses


Landlords and Property Managers:

 - Ensure that tenants are paying for electricity before consuming it.
 - This ensures that they will not be lumped with large unpaid bills at the end of a lease.
 - Easily resolve disputes on the amount of electricity consumed.
 - If rent is unpaid the owner can use the sale of recharge vouchers as a bargaining tool and thus
   create an huge incentive for the tenant to pay on time.



 - Are able to monitor their consumption by checking the easy to read monitor and
 - Adjusting their consumption accordingly.
 - Budget in advance so there are no surprise bills at the end of the month.
 - Can be sure that they are paying for the correct amount of electricity they are using.