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This only happens to other People
Don't be a victim of bad electrical wiring. 

Safety Tips

 - Service DB board atleast every 6 months.  

 - Do earthing.

 - Lightning Protection.

 - Surge Protection.

 - Make sure of correct type and size of wire.

 - Test Earth leakage every week.

 - Dont buy plugs lights fitting ect from china.

 - Use armed cable on outside lights and supply to outbuilding.

 - Make sure each cottage /outbuilding has own DB board.

 - Stay away from muilty plugs.

 - Dont overload plugs or light circuits.

 - Use LED downlights as the lights gets hot and burns the wires. 

 - No choclate blocks use macanical bonding. 

 - Open joints, roof joints must be boxed.

 - Fridge freezer must have earth.

 - Geyser must have good earthing.